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Welcome to Buy-an-animal
To buy an animal you can easily, quickly and easily new owners for your animals can be found. We are an ad for pets, livestock & more!

Registration on buy an animal is free ! Your account is immediately released, you can instantly ads!

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Breeders have the opportunity to follow to obtain benefits included.

Breeder advantages: - Entry in the breeder listing
- free banner production to your homepage
- leave own banner in the format 120x600 to indicate
- roduction of an homepage (co-financed by advertisement)
- Extension of the Top-Advertisement by further 10 days (free)
- Separate expenditure of your announcements for your own homepage

Action weeks: Top indicate strongly reduces - 1 week on the starting side only 3,00 Euro
- 1 week on the column starting side only 1,00 Euro
- Emphasis only 0,44 Euro

Further we offer auxiliary services, like for example Top offers, to you advertising banners and much more besides for an appropriate payment..

Ich habe jetzt diese adorable Savanna... (06.11.2017, 19:12 Uhr) Preis: 2800,00€
Two baby Chimpanzees for adoption. (27.06.2017, 20:49 Uhr) Preis: 2500,00€
Two baby Chimpanzees for adoption. (27.06.2017, 20:49 Uhr) Preis: 2500,00€
Two baby Chimpanzees for adoption. (27.06.2017, 20:49 Uhr) Preis: 2500,00€
Parrots and fertile eggs for sale (27.06.2017, 20:46 Uhr) Preis: 0,01€
französische Bulldoggen, french Bulldog (19.03.2011, 11:20 Uhr) Preis: 600,00€


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